Sunday, October 10, 2010

Top 14 Promotional Marketing Ideas

  1. Offer something free:
    • A consultation
    • A gift
    • Seminars
    • Product Demonstration
  2. Distribute cards where the customer gets something free after a certain number of purchases.
  3. Have a sale
  4. Cross promote in or on products of other businesses that target your market. You can get creative with this one. How about an optician partnering with a book store. Put large print flyers in books that say, “Having trouble reading the text? Come see us.” and small print notes in new eye glass cases that reads, “Put your new glasses to good use…”
  5. Offer a discount to a target group:
    • Offer special pricing to a specific club
    • Offer a discount to event attendees
    • Give out coupons for the completion of a survey
  6. Have a special promotion just for your best customers.
  7. Hold a contest.
  8. Place balloons outside of your store.
  9. Make a decorative scene on the top of or inside your store.
  10. Hold an event outside your store or invite a non-profit group to hold an even outside your store.
  11. Place a sign on top of or on the sides of your car while parked near your place of business.
  12. Have a banner printed to announce a special sale or promotion.
  13. Have ready-to-launch promotions stored up for when neighboring stores have a large advertised sale so you can catch some of the extra traffic.
  14. Offer samples or refreshments in your store


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