Saturday, February 12, 2011

New Product Launch Evaluation and Marketing Strategies

Has This Ever Happened To You?
It happens all too often. A new product is about to launch. It’s technologically advanced, it meets a clear market need and it is significantly differentiated from the competition. With all the customary hoopla and fanfare, the new product is introduced to the sales force. During the next few weeks, everyone holds their breath waiting for reaction from customers. Salespeople report great initial enthusiasm from the marketplace and, with a sigh of relief, sales management begins to wonder whether the early sales projections that seemed so ambitious before the new product launch should now be revised upwards.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Difference between Industrial and consumer marketing

Couple of days before I came across with a question “What is the difference between industrial and consumer marketing, so I tried to explore it and as per my opinion following are the differences:
Industrial marketing is the marketing of goods and services from one business to another (B2B "Business to Business").. Industrial goods are those which are used in Industry for producing a Different end product from one or more raw materials. The word "industrial" means machinery run by power to produce goods and services.
Consumer marketing is the marketing of goods and services from business to the consumer (B2C "Business to Consumer").